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Cana, also known as Kafr Kanna, is a significant biblical site in northern Israel's Lower Galilee region. The town is traditionally recognized as the place of Jesus' first miracle, the transformation of water into wine at a wedding feast, as described in the Gospel of John 2 1-11. Today, Cana is a popular pilgrimage site that attracts thousands of yearly visitors, especially those interested in Christian history and tradition.

Cana hosts several sites associated with the biblical account, with two principal sites claiming to be the location of the miracle - the Catholic Church of Jesus' first miracle (also known as the Wedding Church) and the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. The Wedding Church is a two-story building where you can see two large stone jars said to be among the six that Jesus ordered to be filled with water. The church is often the venue for wedding vow renewal ceremonies for Christian couples.

Moreover, visitors to Cana can enjoy the town's old-world charm, stroll around the ancient streets, and explore the local shops offering Cana wine and Various Christian souvenirs.

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