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Caesarea was founded as a   small Phoenician port city, conquered by Alexander Jannaeus to be part of the Hasmonean kingdom. Today it is one of Israel’s major tourist attractions and an increasingly popular place for Israel’s elite to make their homes.

Caesarea National Park offers a fantastic visit to the ancient port, a tour of the hippodrome and  Roman theater, and a walk among the impressive palace ruins. Stroll through the pathways of the national park to see the sites and view the vistas, walk across the artists' yard, dine in one of the restaurants that offer a diversity of menus, join divers in a unique historical underwater adventure, or stretch out on the golden sands that reach the port’s shores.

The Roman Theater of Caesarea is a well-preserved and fully restored theater built by King Herod.

Today, the theater is a spectacular relic of the past and a modern venue for performances where concerts are frequently held. In 2006 Israel launched the world’s first underwater museum in Caesarea, where divers can tour the sign-posted remains of the magnificent harbor built by Herod to honor the Roman patron Caesar Augustus.

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